Forms of differing degrees over number fields


Consider a system of polynomials in many variables over the ring of integers of a number field KK. We prove an asymptotic formula for the number of integral zeros of this system in homogeneously expanding boxes. As a consequence, any smooth and geometrically integral variety X⊆PKmX\subseteq \mathbb{P}_K^m satisfies the Hasse principle, weak approximation and the Manin-Peyre conjecture, if only its dimension is large enough compared to its degree. This generalizes work of Skinner, who considered the case where all polynomials have the same degree, and recent work of Browning and Heath-Brown, who considered the case where K=QK=\mathbb{Q}. Our main tool is Skinner's number field version of the Hardy-Littlewood circle method. As a by-product, we point out and correct an error in Skinner's treatment of the singular integral.Comment: 23 pages; minor revision; to appear in Mathematik

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