SU(2)-Colored (A)dS Black Holes in Conformal Gravity


We consider four-dimensional conformal gravity coupled to the U(1) Maxwell and SU(2) Yang-Mills fields. We study the structure of general black hole solutions carrying five independent parameters: the mass, the electric U(1) and magnetic SU(2) charges, the massive spin-2 charge and the thermodynamical pressure associated with the cosmological constant, which is an integration constant in conformal gravity. We derive the thermodynamical first law of the black holes. We obtain some exact solutions including an extremal black hole with vanishing mass and entropy, but with non-trivial SU(2) Yang-Mills charges. We derive the remainder of the first law for this special solution. We also reexamine the colored black holes and derive their first law in Einstein-Yang-Mills gravity with or without a cosmological constant.Comment: Latex, 22 pages, typos corrected and references adde

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