Implement Innovative Proactive-Service-Center to Enhance Service Performance in Customer Site


How to more efficiently and effectively enhance service performance is an on-going challenge to any service team. A new service model, Proactive-Service-Center (P-S-C), is developed since Feb’01. As a result, the service performance results are improved in terms of same day issue closure rate, issue response time and system uptime. The P-S-C is not only an innovative way to enhance service performance but also a systematic way to build-up engineers\u27 trouble-shooting capability. In the old service situation, the information flows randomly among customer engineers, customer section managers, AMT engineers, and AMT site managers. The average time spent is around two hours from Issue Happened to Dedicated Engineer on site. Customer and AMT engineers are running around like a chicken without head. The information flows inefficiently and ineffectively among customer engineers, section managers, AMT engineers and site managers. The detailed solutions are not documented and remained in the engineers\u27 heads. In the PSC model, the information flows automatically from the system which is down to the customer Server then to the PSC Server and the dedicated AMT engineer is automatically informed. The information flows efficiently and effectively. The actions done are then systematically entered and documented in PSC and a monthly analysis report is generated and provided to customers. The cost savings of PSC can be estimated indirectly. The issue response time is reduced from 2 hours to 58 minutes (reduced by 62 minutes). This translates to the increase of system uptime by 62 minutes. This will bring cost savings. In addition, the issue closure rate is improved from 50% to 85% (improved by 35%). This also translates to the increase of system uptime. The system uptime enhancement is cost savings. Three areas which need improvement are identified to be Technology, People and Process. Technology: Internet is used and many auto functions (for example, reminding, reporting) are built-in to enhance the capability. People: Dedicated Engineer Matrix is built-in PSC and the right engineer can be reached at the right time in the most efficient manner. Process: Process is real time and systematic with clear R&R defined to ensure efficiency and experience build-up in the future

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