Plankton Productivity in Lagoons of Agatti and Bangaram Atolls of Lakshadweep Archipelago, India


Phytoplankters and zooplankters function as important links in the food chain and form the food of a large number of organisms in the aquatic ecosystem. As plankters play an important role in the health of an aquatic ecosystem, the study on these resources in the productive aquatic ecosystems of Lakshadweep is significant. Earlier studies carried out earlier from Agatti and Bangaram are by Pratap et al. (1977), Achuthankutty et al. (1989) and Casanova & Nair (1999). No recent reports are available on plankters from Agatti and Bangaram. Hence, an attempt is made to study the qualitative and quantitative abundance of phytoplankters and zooplankters in the selected lagoons of Lakshadweep

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