Micro algae culture as live feed-Winter School on Recent Advances in Breeding and Larviculture of Marine Finfish and Shellfish


Marine micro algae are the floating microscopic plant components of the seawater which forms the basic food of almost all the larval organisms, either crustaceans, mollusks or fishes. They are the primary producers of the sea belonging to various Classes of algae. The important components of micro algae are the diatoms, dinoflagellates, silicoflagellates (phyto-flagellates), coccolithophores, blue-green algae and the ‘hidden flora’ the nanoplankters. Among these, the diatoms and phytoflagellates are significant organisms since they form the primary link in the food chain of the sea. It is known that the success of any hatchery operations depends mainly on the availability of the basic food, the micro algae

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