A universal approach to coverage probability and throughput analysis for cellular networks


This paper proposes a novel tractable approach for accurately analyzing both the coverage probability and the achievable throughput of cellular networks. Specifically, we derive a new procedure referred to as the equivalent uniformdensity plane-entity (EUDPE)method for evaluating the other-cell interference. Furthermore, we demonstrate that our EUDPE method provides a universal and effective means to carry out the lower bound analysis of both the coverage probability and the average throughput for various base-station distribution models that can be found in practice, including the stochastic Poisson point process (PPP) model, a uniformly and randomly distributed model, and a deterministic grid-based model. The lower bounds of coverage probability and average throughput calculated by our proposed method agree with the simulated coverage probability and average throughput results and those obtained by the existing PPP-based analysis, if not better. Moreover, based on our new definition of cell edge boundary, we show that the cellular topology with randomly distributed base stations (BSs) only tends toward the Voronoi tessellation when the path-loss exponent is sufficiently high, which reveals the limitation of this popular network topology

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