Full-range Gate-controlled Terahertz Phase Modulations with Graphene Metasurfaces


Local phase control of electromagnetic wave, the basis of a diverse set of applications such as hologram imaging, polarization and wave-front manipulation, is of fundamental importance in photonic research. However, the bulky, passive phase modulators currently available remain a hurdle for photonic integration. Here we demonstrate full-range active phase modulations in the Tera-Hertz (THz) regime, realized by gate-tuned ultra-thin reflective metasurfaces based on graphene. A one-port resonator model, backed by our full-wave simulations, reveals the underlying mechanism of our extreme phase modulations, and points to general strategies for the design of tunable photonic devices. As a particular example, we demonstrate a gate-tunable THz polarization modulator based on our graphene metasurface. Our findings pave the road towards exciting photonic applications based on active phase manipulations

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