Central μ+μ\mu^{+}\mu^{-} production via photon-photon fusion in proton-proton collisions with proton dissociation


We present a formalism which uses fluxes of equivalent photons including transverse momenta of the intermediate photons. The formalism reminds the familiar ktk_t-factorization approach used, e.g., to study the two-photon production of ccˉc\bar{c} or bbˉb\bar{b} pairs. The results of the new method are compared with those obtained using the code LPAIR, and a good agreement is obtained. The inclusion of the photon transverse momenta is necessary in studies of correlation observables. We present distributions for the dimuon invariant mass, transverse momentum of the muon pair and relative azimuthal angle between muons separately for elastic-elastic, elastic-inelastic, inelastic-elastic and inelastic-inelastic mechanisms. For typical experimental cuts all mechanisms give similar contributions. The results are shown for different sets of cuts relevant for the LHC experiments. The cross sections in different regions of phase space depend on F2F_2 structure function in different regions of xx and Q2Q^2. A comment on F2F_2 is made.Comment: 24 pages, 36 figures, 2 table

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