Joint Network and Gelfand-Pinsker Coding for 3-Receiver Gaussian Broadcast Channels with Receiver Message Side Information


The problem of characterizing the capacity region for Gaussian broadcast channels with receiver message side information appears difficult and remains open for N >= 3 receivers. This paper proposes a joint network and Gelfand-Pinsker coding method for 3-receiver cases. Using the method, we establish a unified inner bound on the capacity region of 3-receiver Gaussian broadcast channels under general message side information configuration. The achievability proof of the inner bound uses an idea of joint interference cancelation, where interference is canceled by using both dirty-paper coding at the encoder and successive decoding at some of the decoders. We show that the inner bound is larger than that achieved by state of the art coding schemes. An outer bound is also established and shown to be tight in 46 out of all 64 possible cases.Comment: Author's final version (presented at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory [ISIT 2014]

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