Experimental investigation of the elastoplastic response of aluminum silicate spray dried powder during cold compaction


Mechanical experiments have been designed and performed to investigate the elasto-plastic behaviour of green bodies formed from an aluminum silicate spray dried powder used for tiles production. Experiments have been executed on samples obtained from cold compaction into a cylindrical mould and include: uniaxial strain, equi-biaxial flexure and high-pressure triaxial compression/extension tests. Two types of powders have been used to realize the green body samples, differing in the values of water content, which have been taken equal to those usually employed in the industrial forming of traditional ceramics. Yielding of the green body during compaction has been characterized in terms of yield surface shape, failure envelope, and evolution of cohesion and void ratio with the forming pressure, confirming the validity of previously proposed constitutive models for dense materials obtained through cold compaction of granulates.Comment: 17 pages; Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 201

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