Phenomenological discriminations of the Yukawa interactions in two-Higgs doublet models with Z2Z_2 symmetry


There are four types of two-Higgs doublet models under a discrete Z2Z_2 symmetry imposed to avoid tree-level flavour-changing neutral current, i.e. type-I, type-II, type-X and type-Y models. We investigate the possibility to discriminate the four models in the light of the flavour physics data, including BsBˉsB_s-\bar B_s mixing, Bs,dμ+μB_{s,d} \to \mu^+ \mu^-, BτνB\to \tau\nu and BˉXsγ\bar B \to X_s \gamma decays, the recent LHC Higgs data, the direct search for charged Higgs at LEP, and the constraints from perturbative unitarity and vacuum stability. After deriving the combined constraints on the Yukawa interaction parameters, we have shown that the correlation between the mass eigenstate rate asymmetry AΔΓA_{\Delta\Gamma} of Bsμ+μB_{s} \to \mu^+ \mu^- and the ratio R=B(Bsμ+μ)exp/B(Bsμ+μ)SMR={\cal B}(B_{s} \to \mu^+ \mu^-)_{exp}/ {\cal B}(B_{s} \to \mu^+ \mu^-)_{SM} could be sensitive probe to discriminate the four models with future precise measurements of the observables in the Bsμ+μB_{s} \to \mu^+ \mu^- decay at LHCb.Comment: 29 pages, 4 tables, 11 figures. v3: minor corrections included, matches published version in EPJ

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