Reconstructing Einstein-Aether Gravity from Ordinary and Entropy-Corrected Holographic and New Agegraphic Dark Energy Models


Here we briefly discuss the Einstein-Aether gravity theory by modification of Einstein-Hilbert action. We find the modified Friedmann equations and then from the equations we find the effective density and pressure for Einstein-Aether gravity sector. These can be treated as dark energy provided some restrictions on the free function F(K)F(K), where KK is proportional to H2H^{2}. Assuming two types of the power law solutions of the scale factor, we have reconstructed the unknown function F(K)F(K) from HDE and NADE and their entropy-corrected versions (ECHDE and ECNADE). We also obtain the EoS parameter for Einstein-Aether gravity dark energy. For HDE and NADE, we have shown that the type I scale factor generates the quintessence scenario only and type II scale factor generates phantom scenario. But for ECHDE and ECNADE, the both types of scale factors can accommodate the transition from quintessence to phantom stages i.e., phantom crossing is possible for entropy corrected terms of HDE and NADE models. Finally, we show that the models are classically unstable.Comment: 19 pages, 8 figures. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1004.1805 by other author

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