Redshift drift in varying speed of light cosmology


We derive a redshift drift formula within the framework of varying speed of light (VSL) theory using the specific ansatz for the variability of c(t)=c0an(t)c(t) = c_0 a^n(t). We show that negative values of the parameter nn, which correspond to diminishing value of the speed of light during the evolution of the universe, effectively rescales dust matter to become little negative pressure matter, and the cosmological constant to became phantom. Positive values of nn (growing c(t)c(t)) make VSL model to become more like Cold Dark Matter (CDM) model. Observationally, there is a distinction between the VSL model and the Λ\LambdaCDM model for the admissible values of the parameter n105n \sim - 10^{-5}, though it will be rather difficult to detect by planned extremely large telescopes (E-ELT, TMT, GMT) within their accuracy.Comment: 4 pages, 1 figure, title and body changed to match a published version on redshift drift onl

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