Topological strings and 5d T_N partition functions


We evaluate the Nekrasov partition function of 5d gauge theories engineered by webs of 5-branes, using the refined topological vertex on the dual Calabi-Yau threefolds. The theories include certain non-Lagrangian theories such as the T_N theory. The refined topological vertex computation generically contains contributions from decoupled M2-branes which are not charged under the 5d gauge symmetry engineered. We argue that, after eliminating them, the refined topological string partition function agrees with the 5d Nekrasov partition function. We explicitly check this for the T_3 theory as well as Sp(1) gauge theories with N_f = 2, 3, 4 flavors. In particular, our method leads to a new expression of the Sp(1) Nekrasov partition functions without any contour integrals. We also develop prescriptions to calculate the partition functions of theories obtained by Higgsing the T_N theory. We compute the partition function of the E_7 theory via this prescription, and find the E_7 global symmetry enhancement. We finally discuss a potential application of the refined topological vertex to non-toric web diagrams.Comment: 79 pages, 27 figures; v2: minor improvements, references adde

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