Slepton mass splittings and cLFV in the SUSY seesaw in the light of recent experimental results


Following recent experimental developments, in this study we re-evaluate if the interplay of high- and low-energy lepton flavour violating observables remains a viable probe to test the high-scale type-I supersymmetric seesaw. Our analysis shows that fully constrained supersymmetric scenarios no longer allow to explore this interplay, since recent LHC data precludes the possibility of having sizeable slepton mass differences for a slepton spectrum sufficiently light to be produced, and in association to BR(mu -> e gamma) within experimental reach. However, relaxing the strict universality of supersymmetric soft-breaking terms, and fully exploring heavy neutrino dynamics, still allows to have slepton mass splittings O(few %), for slepton masses accessible at the LHC, with associated mu -> e gamma rates within future sensitivity. For these scenarios, we illustrate how the correlation between high- and low-energy lepton flavour violating observables allows to probe the high-scale supersymmetric seesaw.Comment: 19 pages, 12 eps figures. References updated; matches version accepted by JHE

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