Spin-current Seebeck effect in quantum dot systems


We first bring up the concept of spin-current Seebeck effect based on a recent experiment [Nat. Phys. {\bf 8}, 313 (2012)], and investigate the spin-current Seebeck effect in quantum dot (QD) systems. Our results show that the spin-current Seebeck coefficient SS is sensitive to different polarization states of QD, and therefore can be used to detect the polarization state of QD and monitor the transitions between different polarization states of QD. The intradot Coulomb interaction can greatly enhance the SS due to the stronger polarization of QD. By using the parameters for a typical QD, we demonstrate that the maximum SS can be enhanced by a factor of 80. On the other hand, for a QD whose Coulomb interaction is negligible, we show that one can still obtain a large SS by applying an external magnetic field.Comment: 6 pages, 8 figure

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