Locating Multiple Multi-scale Electromagnetic Scatterers by A Single Far-field Measurement


Two inverse scattering schemes were recently developed in \cite{LiLiuShangSun} for locating multiple electromagnetic (EM) scatterers, respectively, of small size and regular size compared to the detecting EM wavelength. Both schemes make use of a single far-field measurement. The scheme of locating regular-size scatterers requires the {\it a priori} knowledge of the possible shapes, orientations and sizes of the underlying scatterer components. In this paper, we extend that imaging scheme to a much more practical setting by relaxing the requirement on the orientations and sizes. We also develop an imaging scheme of locating multiple multi-scale EM scatterers, which may include at the same time, both components of regular size and small size. For the second scheme, a novel local re-sampling technique is developed. Furthermore, more robust and accurate reconstruction can be achieved for the second scheme if an additional far-field measurement is used. Rigorous mathematical justifications are provided and numerical results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness and the promising features of the proposed imaging schemes.Comment: Any comments are welcom

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