Modified Newton's Law of Gravitation Due to Minimal Length in Quantum Gravity


A recent theory about the origin of the gravity suggests that the gravity is originally an entropic force. In this work, we discuss the effects of generalized uncertainty principle (GUP) which is proposed by some approaches to quantum gravity such as string theory, black hole physics and doubly special relativity theories (DSR), on the area law of the entropy. This leads to a Area\sqrt{Area}-type correction to the area law of entropy which imply that the number of bits NN is modified. Therefore, we obtain a modified Newton's law of gravitation. Surprisingly, this modification agrees with different sign with the prediction of Randall-Sundrum II model which contains one uncompactified extra dimension. Furthermore, such modification may have observable consequences at length scales much larger than the Planck scale.Comment: 12 pages, no figures, references adde

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