SO(9) supergravity in two dimensions


We present maximal supergravity in two dimensions with gauge group SO(9). The construction is based on selecting the proper embedding of the gauge group into the infinite-dimensional symmetry group of the ungauged theory. The bosonic part of the Lagrangian is given by a (dilaton-)gravity coupled non-linear gauged sigma-model with Wess-Zumino term. We give explicit expressions for the fermionic sector, the Yukawa couplings and the scalar potential which supports a half-supersymmetric domain wall solution. The theory is expected to describe the low-energy effective action upon reduction on the D0-brane near-horizon warped AdS_2 x S^8 geometry, dual to the supersymmetric (BFSS) matrix quantum mechanics.Comment: 35 pages, 1 figur

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