Table_1_Exploring the short-term influence of a proprietary oil extract of black cumin (Nigella sativa) on non-restorative sleep: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled actigraphy study.DOCX


BackgroundNigella sativa (black cumin, or black seed) is popularly known as the seed of blessings in the Arab system of medicine. Though not widely recommended for sleep, a unique proprietary black cumin extract (BlaQmax®/ThymoDream™; BCO-5) has been shown to be helpful in the management of stress and sleep issues.MethodsThis randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial aimed to investigate the efficacy of BCO-5 on the sleep quality of volunteers characterized with a self-reported non-restorative sleep disorder. Healthy male and female participants (n = 70), aged 18-65 years (BMI 22-28 Kg/m2) were randomized to either placebo or BCO-5 (n = 35/group). Both interventions were supplemented at 200 mg/day for seven days. Actigraphy and a validated restorative sleep questionnaire (RSQ-W) were used to monitor the influence of BCO-5 on sleep.ResultsCompared to placebo, BCO-5 significantly improved sleep quality, as evidenced by both intra-group and inter-group analyses of the actigraphy data. The relative improvements observed were sleep efficiency (7.8%, p ConclusionBCO-5 significantly improved non-restorative sleep in seven days, indicating its potential role as a natural sleep aid.</p

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