Leech repellents used by Estate workers in O’ valley Panchayat of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve


A field study was conducted among estate workers of different types of plantations viz., cardamom, tea, clove, pepper and coffee where leech bite is common for humans and cattles in forest and estates. Plant- based products as leech repellents are used and applied by estate workers of O’valley Panchayat of Gudalur taluk in Nilgiris. The plant species used are enlisted. Estate workers as informants were interviewed with questionnaire group discussion. The data were analyzed using different statistical quantitative tools viz., use value (UV), frequency citation (FC), fidelity level (FI %) and factor informant consensus (FIC). The data obtained revealed use of seven medicinal plants as effective leech repellents. The species identified are- Oxalis latifolia L., Ageratum conizoides L., Nicotiana tobacum L., Piper betle L, Tithonia diversifolia (Hemslay), Cucumis prophetarum L. and Brugmansia suaveolens (Bercht)

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