Cells expressing different nanobarcoded proteins were pulsed with transferrin conjugated to Alexa488 and with EGF conjugated to Alexa647, for 10 minutes, allowing the cells to endocytose these ligands. Afterwards, they were immediately fixed or were chased (washed off) in a minimal buffer at 37°C, for 10 or 20 minutes. Finally, all cells were fixed and immunolabeled for the ALFA tag, to identify the nanobarcoded proteins. (A, B) The behavior of transferrin and EGF, respectively. Transferrin recycles, as expected, being released during the chase period (Kruskal–Wallis test followed by Tukey post hoc test, p N = 17–18 independent experiments. (C, D) Same data as above, but indicating the nature of the nanobarcoded protein in each of the independent experiments. The data underlying this Figure can be found in the following Sheets of the “S1 Data file: “Tf_SFig 6A,” “EGF_SFig 6B,” “Tf_SFig 6C,” and “EGF_SFig 6D.” The S1 Data file is available from http://dx.doi.org/10.17169/refubium-40101. (TIF)</p

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