IT Lightning Talks: session #2


IdeaSquare is a new pilot project meant to connect people inside and outside CERN to work together and helping the CERN-inspired innovations to create positive impact on society. We started our work last October with a five-month student project, Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) that has gathered some quite nice feedback along the way (, but is only one of our activities. Our big goal is scaling this collaboration up for different kinds of people all around the world to participate easily. We want to start by providing the student engineers, industrial designers and economists in the next round of CBI-course with better tools and services for working together and sharing their ideas. And in the long run, we want to create a scalable system that would allow a lot more people to work together and learn in similar constructive projects in the future. What are the tools at CERN we should use during the next round of CBI - Sharepoint, Vidyo, Owncloud, and something else? Interested to get involved in planning the next steps

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