Semileptonic charm meson decays and the matrix elements |Vcs| and |Vcd|


Abstract Using QCD sum rules for a two-point function involving charmed vector currents we determine the Dl3 form factor: ƒ + (0)=0.75±0.05 . This result, combined with the Dl3 decay widths, leads to a prediction for the quark mixing matrix elements |Vcs| and |Vcd|. We find: |Vcs|=0.96±0.12 and Γ( D →πl ν l )=(0.76±0.24)×10 11 [ |V cd | (0.21±0.03) ] 2 s −1 . Our estimate is reliable to the extent that employing the same technique for Kl3 decay we obtain: ƒ + (0)| Kl3 =0.96+-0.13

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