The Historical Process and Dynamic of Rural Coconut Sugar Industry Development in Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia


For many decades Banyumas has been a centre of coconut sugar production in Indonesia There are many aspects of the rural coconut industry in Banyumas that are worthy of further study such as production and distribution methods government policies and strategy relating to the coconut sugar industry as well as the role of extension The study found that rural coconut sugar industry in Banyumas Regency is very much a hereditary industry and today farmers still use the traditional processes for production In this regency there is a unique coconut sugar management model with some variants based on the agreements between coconut sugar farmer and the coconut tree owners The transparency of price creates a symbiosis of mutualism between the coconut sugar farmer and the warungs collectors Access to new media like mobile phones and the internet as well as the establishment of a cooperative have provided opportunities for coconut sugar farmers to expand into international markets Although this rural industry still faces some problems like low earnings and danger the coconut sugar farmers remain grateful for the income they earn and are dedicated to their profession Various extension programs have been implemented to improve the quality and quantity of coconut sugar produced in the region and safety measures have been introduced to protect farmers when tapping the neera coconut tree sa

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