Audience Perception and Preference of Motivational Determinants between Online and Television Advertisements


What motivates humans is a question that psychologists have deliberated upon for a long time now In consumer advertising motivation is describe as a process that leads to choices of products and services The primary psychological variables that propel human motivation are needs drives and goals While these variables are significant in understanding the topic under investigation the researcher is prompted to examine why consumers are motivated to consume online advertisement or television commercials and what influences their preference The researcher relied on the following research questions to guide the proper execution of this study i what are the motivational factors that influence consumers consumption of online advertisement and or television commercials ii which of these is the most preferred iii do media influence advertisement choices The study adopts an online survey method using Google Form software which allows online administration of data instrument sample size determination inquiry and representation of tools from the URL through email and social media platforms which make it easier to get responses and allows viewing analysis in real-tim

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