Consumer Ethnocentrism, Country of Origin, Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention for Foreign Apparel Brands: the Study of Vietnam


Objectives This study attempts to explore the consumer ethnocentric and country of origin impacts on consumer behavior in the context of Vietnam. First, the study seeks to measure the variability of ethnocentric tendencies across demographic segments. Second, the study aspires to investigate the influence of country of origin on the relationship between consumer ethnocentrism and foreign product evaluation. Third, the study aims to explore whether consumer ethnocentric tendencies impact purchase intention for foreign apparel products. Summary The study adopted a quantitative design to construct the instrument. With the data collected on a sample size of 101, the independent samples t-test, the moderated multiple regression and the Pearson’s correlation coefficient were utilized to test the interrelationship between demographics, consumer ethnocentrism, country of origin, foreign product evaluation and purchase intention for foreign products. Conclusions The findings show that country of origin has positive influences on foreign product evaluation as a predictor not as moderator. Demographics does not vary with consumer ethnocentrism. Consumer ethnocentrism does not have significant influences on purchase intention for foreign products. The results leads to the need for further research

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