Sexueller Missbrauch Pflegebedürftiger


Background!#!Violence against people in need of care is a challenge for long-term care situations. Sexual violence in particular, is subject to strong taboos and has so far been little researched. Family physicians can play a role in preventing violence against people in need of care.!##!Objective!#!The objective of this study was to examine family physicians' attitudes to their responsibilities in cases of sexual abuse of patients in need of care. At the same time, we also examined subjective confidence in relation to the procedure in cases of suspected abuse and family physicians' interests in further training on this topic.!##!Material and methods!#!A cross-sectional study addressed to 1700 family physicians in Germany with a written survey between September and November 2016. Questionnaires from 302 physicians could be evaluated for the study.!##!Findings!#!Almost all respondents saw it as part of their responsibility as doctors to intervene in cases of sexual abuse of patients in need of care. There is great uncertainty about how to proceed in cases of suspected sexual abuse of patients in need of care. Respondents' main interest in further training related to the differential diagnosis of sexual abuse and the correct procedure in cases where abuse is suspected.!##!Conclusion!#!Further training provision, particularly on the signs of sexual abuse of people in need of care, could contribute to increasing family physicians' confidence to act

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