Investigation of the Effect of Process Parameters by Taguchi Method on Structural and Electrical Properties of RF Magnetron Sputtered SiO2 & pSi on Si Substrate


In this work, Taguchi Signal-to-noise (S/N) analysis was applied to investigate the effect of varying three process parameters, namely- sputtering power, working pressure and Ar gas flow rate on the surface, morphological and electrical properties of the RF sputtered SiO2 and Boron doped pSi over Si substrate. The contribution of a particular process parameter on these properties was also inspected by applying Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). SiO2 and pSi thin films were fabricated over Si substrate using RF magnetron sputtering system. Three sets of inputs for the three mentioned process parameters were chosen for sputtering SiO2 and pSi thin films. To deposit SiO2, 150W, 200W and 250W power levels were chosen, for pSi deposition- power levels were 100W, 150W and 200W; 5mTorr, 10mTorr and 15mTorr were chosen for pressure and three Ar gas flow rate levels at 5, 10 and 15 sccm were selected. By performing Taguchi L9 orthogonal array, nine combinations of sputtering parameters were prepared for depositing SiO2/Si and pSi/Si thin films. The surface morphological and electrical properties (resistivity per unit area and capacitance per unit area) of the sputtered samples were therefore inspected by analyzing the Taguchi design of experiment. Signal-to-noise (S/R) analysis presents how the properties were affected by the variation of each process parameter. ANOVA analysis showed that sputtering power and working pressure are the two dominant process parameters contributing more to surface morphological and electrical properties. A regression model for surface roughness of the SiO2/Si and pSi/Si thin film samples was also derived. The electrical properties of the SiO2/Si and pSi/Si thin films, however, didnโ€™t show linearity and that is why it was not possible to derive a regression model for the electrical properties of SiO2/Si and pSi/Si sputtered thin films

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