New and rare lichens and allied fungi from Arkhangelsk Region, North-West Russia. II


Information about 38 species of lichens is presented. In total, 18 species are newly recorded for Arkhangelsk Region, 11 species are new for its mainland area. New localities for 9 rare species are presented. Thalloidima physaroides is new for the territory of Northwest Russia. The species Sclerophora peronella is reported for the second time in the whole territory of Russia, Calicium pinicola – in European Russia and Rhizocarpon simillimum – in Northwest Russia. For Vezdaea rheocarpa and Pilophorus robustus the westernmost localities in Russia are reported. The new localities of 9 species included in the Red Data Book of Arkhangelsk Region are presented. Six species are added to the list of lichens of Vodlozersky National Park

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