New records of lichens and allied fungi from the Leningrad Region, Russia. V


Eight species of lichens and seven lichenicolous fungi are reported from the Leningrad Region. Agonimia repleta, Protoparmelia hypotremella and Stereocaulon taeniarum are reported for the first time for Russia; Clypeococcum cetrariae is new to the European Russia; Lepraria nivalis, Merismatium aff. nigritellum (on Physcia aipolia) and Stigmidium leprariae are new to the North-Western European Russia; Cladonia macroceras, C. strepsilis, Endococcus fusiger, Lichenoconium erodens, Lobothallia melanaspis, Niesslia cladoniicola and Skyttella mulleri are new to the Leningrad Region; Sclerophora coniophaea is new to Saint Petersburg. The most noteworthy records are briefly discussed.

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