Moral and ethical leadership, human rights and conflict resolution : African and global contexts


First published 2019 by CIDJAP Publications, Enugu, NigeriaReprint with new Introduction : Virtue Based Moral and Ethical Leadership as a Collaborative Analysis by Ignace HaazThis book is concerned by the effectiveness of a limited number of cardinal virtues that great religions (such as Christianity) have in common with philosophical ethics, and the author uses philosophy as a practical aim for better inviting value- and reason-oriented actions. Based on the virtue of hope, the author thinks the very essence of fair conditions for education as transformative education. Deriving from the virtue of justice, we find a firm foundation for peace research and reconciliation programmes. Courage and productivity are, in a judicious manner, related to the value of work. Trust, the virtue of love and common good are matters of the management of natural and economic resources. As we discover each chapter after the other, the whole work is revealed to be grounded on a hierarchy of virtues

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