Sensitivity to CP Discovery in the Presence of Lorentz Invariance Violating Potential at T2HK/T2HKK


Investigation of conservation/violation of CP symmetry in the leptonic sector is very essential in understanding the evolution of the universe. Lorentz invariance and CPT are fundamental symmetries of nature. The violation of Lorentz invariance can also lead to CPT violations. The standard three flavour neutrino oscillation framework presents a scenario to observe the signature of Lorentz invariance and CP violations. This work focuses on the effect of Lorentz invariance violating (LIV) parameters on the sensitivity to CP violation. We investigate the sensitivity in two proposed configurations of the upcoming T2HK experiment: (i) one detector each placed at 295 km and 1100 km, and (ii) two identical detectors at 295 km. This study probes the effect of CPT violating parameters aeμ,aeτ,aμτa_{e\mu},a_{e\tau},a_{\mu\tau}.Comment: 10 pages, 11 figure

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