Flight Contrail Segmentation via Augmented Transfer Learning with Novel SR Loss Function in Hough Space


Air transport poses significant environmental challenges, particularly the contribution of flight contrails to climate change due to their potential global warming impact. Detecting contrails from satellite images has been a long-standing challenge. Traditional computer vision techniques have limitations under varying image conditions, and machine learning approaches using typical convolutional neural networks are hindered by the scarcity of hand-labeled contrail datasets and contrail-tailored learning processes. In this paper, we introduce an innovative model based on augmented transfer learning that accurately detects contrails with minimal data. We also propose a novel loss function, SR Loss, which improves contrail line detection by transforming the image space into Hough space. Our research opens new avenues for machine learning-based contrail detection in aviation research, offering solutions to the lack of large hand-labeled datasets, and significantly enhancing contrail detection models.Comment: Source code available at: https://github.com/junzis/contrail-ne

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