The result of TOPSIS.


While China’s digital trade is developing rapidly, it is facing the problem of uncoordinated and uneven regional development. In order to explore countermeasures to bridge the differences in regional digital trade, this paper first measures the development level of digital trade in 11 provinces of the Yangtze River Economic Belt through entropy-weighting TOPSIS. Secondly, the fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis method was used to analyze the influencing factors and improvement paths of digital trade development in various provinces of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The research results show that: first, the current development level of digital trade is gradually weakening from east to west, especially the development of digital trade in the Yangtze River Delta region is the best, showing a large regional imbalance and uncoordinated development. What’s more, the market size and urbanization have the most significant impact on the development of digital trade. Finally, we examine the reliability of the results by sensitivity analysis, and find that our ranking results are robust. In the future, China should continue to actively promote the coordinated development strategy of regional economy and participate in international digital trade exchanges and cooperation, so as to promote the coordinated and high-quality development of digital trade.</div

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