The study of the influence of plant additives on increasing the food and biological value of soft waffles


Currently there is an acute shortage of fibres and proteins in the human diet, resulting in various diseases. The modern market needs a product capable of diversifying the range in the sector of functional, dietary flour confectionery. To this end, the article shows one of the ways to improve the macronutrient composition of waffles, especially with regard to the protein-carbohydrate component of the product. Laboratory analysis showed that the introduction of pea protein, chicory root syrup and apple fiber into the composition of flour and confectionery increased protein content by 3.3% in wafers made of rice flour only and by 5.6% in waffles made of a mixture of whole grains and rice flour. The amount of sucrose decreased in «Rice» waffles by 2.6% and by 2.3% in «Wheat-rice» waffles, and the amount of fiber on average is 3-4 times more, compared to the control sample. In comparison with the control sample, increased the average number of essential amino acids such as: lysine – in 1.5 times; phenylalanine – in 1.25 times; leucine and isoleucine – in 0.8 times; methionine – in 1.5 times, threonine – in 3 times. Thus, the study resulted in the development of dietary plant based soft waffles with improved macronutrient composition, able to expand the range of functional products and can be recommended for dietary nutrition

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