Hotspots and difficulties of biliary surgery in older patients


Abstract. With the accelerated aging society in China, the incidence of biliary surgical diseases in the elderly has increased significantly. The clinical characteristics of these patients indicate that improving treatment outcomes and realizing healthy aging are worthy of attention. How to effectively improve the treatment effect of geriatric biliary surgical diseases has attracted widespread attention. This paper reviews and comments on the hotspots and difficulties of biliary surgery in older patients from six aspects: (1) higher morbidity associated with an aging society, (2) prevention and control of pre-operative risks, (3) extending the indications of laparoscopic surgery, (4) urgent standardization of minimally invasive surgery, (5) precise technological progress in hepatobiliary surgery, and (6) guarantee of peri-operative safety. It is of great significance to fully understand the focus of controversy, actively make use of its favorable factors, and effectively avoid its unfavorable factors, for further improving the therapeutic effects of geriatric biliary surgical diseases, and thus benefits the vast older patients with biliary surgical diseases. Accordingly, a historical record with the highest age of 93 years for laparoscopic transcystic common bile duct exploration has been created by us recently

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