Strange stars properties calculated in the framework of the Field Correlator Method


We calculate the strange star properties in the framework of the Field Correlator Method. We find that for the values of the gluon condensate G2=0.006β€…β€ŠGeV4G_2=0.006\;{\rm GeV}^4 and G2=0.0068β€…β€ŠGeV4G_2=0.0068\;{\rm GeV}^4, which give a critical temperature Tc∼170β€…β€ŠMeVT_c\sim170\;{\rm MeV} at ΞΌc=0\mu_c=0, the sequences of strange stars are compatible with some of the semi-empirical mass-radius relations and data obtained from astrophysical observations.Comment: 26 pages, 10 figure

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