Prerequisites and Strategies for Women Empowerment in India through Vocational Skill Training


Large pool of skilled women workers is indispensable for attracting local, national and international industrial investment. Skilled women have tremendous potential in guaranteeing sustainable women empowerment. This study demonstrates efforts and explains prerequisites and strategies for women empowerment in India through vocational skill training. The article uses empirical methods, extensive literature review and follows an international case-based approach to assess the elements of strategic interventions required to attain women empowerment. Findings reveal that vocational skill training is a unique form of overall women development and women empowerment. skill training has enormous capacities to support improved employ- ability, entrepreneurship development. skill training encourages women’s empower- ment development culture in a growing number in India. Keywords:Women empowerment, vocational skill development, financial independence,micro-entrepreneurship DOI: 10.7176/RHSS/13-5-03 Publication date:March 31st 202

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