Depletion of wildtype <i>csnk-1</i> transcripts in L4 <i>csnk-1(lf)</i> mutants.


(A) Positions and sequences of PCR primers for detecting all or wildtype-only csnk-1 transcripts. Partial wildtype and mutant csnk-1 sequences are aligned to show the specificity of the primers for wildtype-only transcripts. (B) Relative total csnk-1 transcript levels. (C, D) Relative wildtype-only csnk-1 transcript levels in wildtype, csnk-1(mac494lf) or csnk-1(mac495lf) animals. tba-1 was the loading control. Statistics: two-tailed unpaired Student’s t-test. *: p p p (TIFF)</p

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