The Role of Distinct Core Capabilities in Achieving Organizational Brilliance / An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Managers Working in the Iraqi General Company for Cement / Kufa Cement Factory


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to achieve several goals by defining the correlation and influence of distinct core capabilities (through its dimensions (organizational resources, human resources, capabilities)) in achieving organizational brilliance (through its dimensions of (brilliance in leadership, brilliance in service and innovation, brilliance in knowledge).   Theoretical framework: The research dealt with the theoretical aspect of the concepts related to the variable of distinct fundamental capabilities and organizational brilliance as they are modern and contemporary concepts and have an administrative nature on business organizations that seek excellence and leadership in their field of business, where the Kufa Cement Factory was chosen as an applied field to show the extent of applying the essential capabilities that have positive effects in Achieving organizational brilliance in the laboratory.   Design/methodology/approach: The questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting the necessary data and information, through an intentional sample of (124) represented by senior administrations, heads of departments, directors of divisions and units in the Kufa cement factory, and the descriptive analytical method was used mainly in Presentation, analysis and interpretation of research information.    Findings: The findings: Thebased on a set of statistical methods such as confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling method to measure the effect relationship, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, modified analysis and Pearson correlation through statistical programs (SPSS V.24; Amos V.23).   Research, Practical & Social implications: The Among the most prominent findings of the research is the interest of the Kufa Cement Factory management in adopting distinct core capabilities and rationalizing their use in terms of attention to organizational resources, improving the internal work environment, and directing employees to cooperate and follow helpful behaviors and work in a team spirit in order to ensure the improvement of manufacturing, achieving the necessary goals and strengthening the basic capabilities of the plant from It would improve the level of organizational brilliance in the future study.   Originality/value: The value of the study stems from its handling of an important sector, which is the industrial sector, as this sector is considered the most important and effective in the process of economic development

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