Aligning Strategy, Governance, and People Management in Public Organizations: Lessons from the 14th Region Labor Court - RO/AC


How does the alignment between strategy, governance, and people management occur in a public organization? When devising a strategy, many organizations have sought to place it at the center of their management models in order to ensure that the adopted strategy reaches all levels of the organization and is widely shared. However, more often than not, most organizations attempt to generate synergy, but in a fragmented and uncoordinated manner and do not perceive alignment as a management process. This study evaluated the alignment of strategy, governance, and people management in a public organization, based on the people management strategy adopted by the organization and the perceptions of employees versus strategic managers. It is a theoretical-empirical research, adopting a pragmatic philosophical conception, using quantitative and qualitative research strategies, consisting of survey, documentary research, and a single case study, using quantitative and qualitative research methods for data collection, analysis, and interpretation. As a conclusion of the study, actions implemented by the institution were identified that demonstrate the existence of practices aligned with strategy, focused on governance and people management. However, according to the perception of employees, many practices were initiated but not completed or only partially applied in the organization, confirming the difficulty of organizations in sharing the strategy and defining coherent and aligned objectives among all those involved in implementing the strategy so that expected results can be achieved

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