Oligo-CS increases cell viability of C2C12 cells in myotube differentiation medium.


C2C12 cells were grown in the differentiation medium with the indicated concentrations of CS or Oligo-CS to differentiate into myotube cells for 72 hours as described in the Materials and Methods. (A) Morphological changes of the C2C12 cells were monitored by phase contrast microscopy. (B) Protein expression of myosin heavy chain (MYH) in C2C12 cells grown in differentiation medium was analyzed by Western blotting. The whole cell lysate containing 10 μg protein was applied to each lane. Anti-β-actin antibody was used for the loading control. (C, D) C2C12 cells were grown in growth medium (C) or differentiation medium (D) with the indicated concentration of CS or Oligo-CS for 72 hours. The cell viability of the cells was monitored using Cell Counting Kit 8. The data are shown as percentage of cell viabilities against untreated control cells. Error bars indicate standard deviations (n = 3). The triple asterisk (***) shown in the graph indicates that the difference is statistically significant (p < 0.001) compared to the control.</p

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