Effects of Oligo-CS treatment on TRAP, CTSK, and MMP-1 mRNA expression in osteoclast differentiating RAW264 cells.


RAW264 cells were stimulated with sRANKL to differentiate osteoclasts together with indicated concentrations of CS or Oligo-CS for 5 days. The total RNA isolated from the cells was subjected to real-time RT-PCR analysis using the respective specific primer set for TRAP, CTSK, and MMP-9 mRNA. The data indicate the relative expressions compared with untreated control cells without sRANKL stimulation after normalization with the GAPDH mRNA expression. Error bars indicate the standard deviations (n = 3). Asterisks (*: p < 0.05) indicate that the difference is statistically significantly lower than the sRANKL stimulated control.</p

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