Wooster Magazine: Spring 2023


The spring 2023 issue of Wooster magazine features alumni influencing change in their communities around the world, including John Carwile ’81, career member of the U.S. Foreign Service; Rashmi Ekka ’08, international development consultant; Samira El-Adawy ’13, Special Olympics youth manager in the Middle East and North Africa; Ishtiaq Ghafoor ’00, a diplomat with the British Foreign Service; Sarah Haile ’03, a biostatistician at University of Zurich; Kurt Russell ’94, 2022 National Teacher of the Year; and Lauren Vargo ’13, climate change researcher in New Zealand. Also featured are students who have attended the annual Athens Democracy Forum for the past five years and recent international graduates taking advantage of opportunities to gain experience in STEM fields. The issue also includes an interview with Wooster’s incoming 13th president, Dr. Anne McCall.https://openworks.wooster.edu/wooalumnimag_2011-present/1045/thumbnail.jp

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