Storyboard Design of Android-Based Learning Multimedia Integration Application Using Standard Process Tutorial Model


Bina Pribadi Islam is a subject taught in Islamic elementary schools with the aim of improving students' spiritual well-being through guidance from teachers or mentors. Islamic elementary schools have an educational system designed by the Ministry of National Education and adapted to Islamic law. In the process of learning Bina Pribadi Islam, there is a need for a strategy to increase students' motivation and interest by using a multimedia application that includes elements such as text, audio, graphics, video, and animation tailored to the standard process tutorial model. To create an interactive multimedia application, multimedia design should be prepared in accordance with the tutorial model. Therefore, to produce a good application, a storyboard design needs to be created first that is tailored to the tutorial model to facilitate the application's development. Based on the storyboard design created according to the tutorial model, three main menus are produced as the characteristic features of the tutorial model, namely introduction, tutorial material, and exercises. Each menu produces several sub-menus tailored to the material in the Bina Pribadi Islam subject

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