Webots Simulator for Lyapunov-based Cooperative Omnidirectional Mobile Robots Evaluation


A multi-robot system is a set of robots that share a common objective and collaborate to achieve it. Multi-robot systems can address distributed and complicated real-world issues more effectively in various industries, including logistics, transportation, and industrial manufacturing. The higher system performance because of the collaborative efforts of numerous robots provides a substantial possible benefit of using a multi- robot system rather than a single robot. The Lyapunov control approach is one advanced approach to coordinating multiple robots in warehouse logistics applications. The method has been successfully simulated on point masses. However, to be physically implemented in robotic devices still requires several processes that are not simple. The case study focuses on finding the possibility of a distributed cooperative mobile robot using a LiDAR sensor to recognize the ’friend’ robot and the obstacle. This paper shows that each robot can recognize well between its neighbor or obstacles and maintain its formation of 1 m during the trip with obstacle presence. The simulations were performed in Webots to verify the proposed algorithms. The mathematical analysis and the experiment prove the system’s stability by seeing the robots’ velocity

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