Analisis Pengukuran Bidang Tanah Menggunakan Gnss Rtk-radio Dan Rtk-ntrip Pada Stasiun Cors Undip


Survey and mapping of land use is a part of land registry activities in Indonesia, one of which aims to guarantee legal certainty and the protection of the rights of a holder to land parcels that are expressed in the form of the certificate. Normaly theodolite, total station are the tools used. Related on to the development and advancement of information technology and the current survey of the activities of navigation and mapping areas of land can be done by using the method of GNSS RTK (Real Time Kinematic) surveying to kinds of RTK-Radio or RTK-NTRIP.In this research is the measurement of several land parcels with an area of the field criteria using RTK GNSS RTK-Radio and RTK-NTRIP method along with the influence of the baseline length. The location of this research is in the area Mulawarman with baseline length of 1.5 km and in the Marina area with length baseline 11 km from UNDIP CORS station. Then the measurement results calculated value linear error, fault distance, elevation error, vast differences, and obstruction test, meanwhile the test range only for RTK-Radio. To validate the measurement results are compared with the results of measurements by electronic total station.The results of the measurements of land using GNSS RTK-Radio method with a long baseline < 400 m and with a total area of field < 520 m2 wide accuracy obtained with a standard deviation around ± 1,986 m2 meanwhile for RTK-NTRIP with long baseline 1.5 – 11 km wide accuracy obtained with standard deviation ranges between ± 2,622 to ± 4,075 m2, to test the range of the RTK-Radio obtained the maximum range as far as 420 m, for the obstruction test with mild obstruction and medium obstruction category obtained a fix measurement solutions meanwhile for moderate to severe obstruction such as buildings and tall buildings acquired measurement solutions float and even autonomous. And the accuracy test meets the standard map production with a scale of 1: 500

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