Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch of Hydrothermal System


A Quasi Oppositional Gray Wolf Optimization (QOGWO) algorithm has been used in this work to decipher the economic load dispatch of hydrothermal system. Dynamic economic load dispatch problem involves scheduling of committed generators to meet the load demand with minimum fuel cost and several constraints which are dynamic in nature. It is basically short-term hydrothermal scheduling (STHS) problems through cascaded reservoirs. Instead of pseudo-random numbers quasi-opposite numbers are used to initialize population in the proposed QOGWO method so that the convergence rate of GWO increases. The viability of the projected approach is verified in three standard multi-chain cascaded hydrothermal systems with four interconnected hydro systems. The load and number of thermal units differ from one system to another. Water transportation delay between interconnected reservoirs, Valve Point Loading (VPL) have been considered in different combination in three cases. The technique put forth with established superior to many recent findings for the STHS problems with increased complexities

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