Przestrzenno-czasowa analiza struktury pracujących według wielkich grup zawodowych w Polsce


The main purpose of this paper is to present changes in working force structure in cross- sec- tion of major occupational groups in Poland on voivodeship level. Spatial differentiation of hu- man capital quality is the main element of cohesion policy. Also, the assessment of the transforma- tion process to economy based on knowledge requires cross-section data analysis, spatial as well. Data which concern labour force structure in major occupational groups in voivodeship cross- section taken from Labour Force Survey have been used in this paper. The data source specificity enables the assessment of labour force professional specialization on voivodeship level and the changes of this specialization with time. Combined analysis of spatial and structural changes with the method of time-series-cross-section data analysis makes it possible to draw conclusions about processes occurring on regional labour markets. It is especially important in the context of cohesion policy implementation

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